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Four-Time PGA Tour Winner Brian Gay

From a young age, Brian Gay led an active lifestyle and found his passion for playing golf, joining the PGA after college and racking up several PGA tour wins. Unfortunately, the start of back pain in 2008, made worse by a car accident in 2011, ultimately led to severe neck and arm discomfort that made it impossible for him to play golf over time—threatening his family's livelihood.

Per his doctor's recommendation, Brian underwent a total disc replacement procedure with prodisc C in October 2014 and was discharged from the hospital on the same day and able to walk immediately. By six weeks post-op, he was cleared to return to all activities.

Now, Brian has no limitations and competes professionally at a high level. Since his surgery in 2014, Brian has competed in over 70 PGA Tour events, 10 of which he finished in the top 10. In 2018, he elevated his game to a new level and finished the season ranking 48th in the FedEx Cup. Brian proudly notes, “I feel like my activity level is now a 10 out of 10! My recovery after prodisc C was amazing.”

See the story of this incredible comeback.

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