Anterior Cervical
Total Disc Replacement

The most studied and clinically-proven total disc replacement technology in the world.

Not Available for Sale in the U.S.

Determined Safe & Effective
for SCDD

The prodisc C Nova Total Disc Replacement is intended to replace a diseased and/or degenerated intervertebral disc of the cervical spine in patients with symptomatic cervical disc disease (SCDD).

The prodisc C Nova Total Disc Replacement surgery is intended to:
  • Significantly reduce pain by allowing for the removal of the diseased disc
  • Restore biomechanical stability
  • Restore normal disc height
  • Provide the potential for motion at the affected vertebral segment

Design Philosophy

The prodisc C Nova implant has been designed to maintain the physiologic range of motion in the spine. The implant was developed using the clinically proven ball and socket concept used in joint replacement implants for over 40 years. The prodisc C Nova implant is composed of four components—two titanium alloy (TAN) endplates, a cobalt chrome alloy (CoCrMo) calotte insert, and an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) inlay—and is inserted into the vertebral bodies en-bloc.

Ball and Socket Design
  • Controlled, predictable motion
  • Controlled translation limits the load on facet joints
  • Permits a physiological range of motion in flexion/extension, rotation, and lateral bending
  • Allows for restoration of anatomical balance
Secure Fixation with No Profile
  • Optimal primary stability due to keel anchorage of the prosthesis in the vertebral body
  • Tripod keel configuration allows easy multilevel application
  • Rough titanium surface on bone contacting surfaces promotes integration and increases stability
  • Implant does not contact anterior soft tissue structures after implantation
Anatomical Sizing
  • Trapezoidal footprint design for optimal anatomical fit and maximum endplate coverage
  • 18 anatomical sizes facilitate an accurate match with the patient’s anatomy
    • 6 footprints
    • 3 heights (5, 6 and 7 mm)

Safe and Reproducible Surgical Technique

Working with leading spine surgeons from around the world, the prodisc C Nova instrumentation and surgical technique has been refined to facilitate safe and reproducible implantation through a standard transverse approach to the anterior cervical spine.

• Three step implantation technique          • Enables accurate sizing and precise placement of the implant

1. Trial

2. Chisel

3. Implant

4. Final

Streamlined Instrumentation
  • Designed for standard transverse approach to the anterior cervical spine
  • Enables clear visualization into the disc space

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