prodisc® CORE

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prodisc® CORE

prodisc CORE is a novel application of the established ball & socket and the synergy of two critical design principles:

 a fixed core  and  an optimized core radius 

that together provide stability while resisting shear forces and facilitate controlled motion to protect the facet complex.

prodisc® CORE Device




A Fixed Core Provides Stability

At the heart of prodisc CORE technology is a fixed center of rotation intentionally designed to stabilize the motion segment and resist shear forces.1

Conversely, total disc replacement implants with a mobile core do not provide stability or resist shear forces.1

See the Fixed Core in Motion

A Mobile Core Results in Instability

When a shear force is applied to a total disc replacement implant with a mobile core, free translation may occur. Shear forces are therefore resisted by the facets.1

See the Mobile Core in Motion




The prodisc Radius Provides Controlled Translation with Flexion-Extension

The radius of the prodisc CORE was engineered with intention, to provide coupled motion—controlled translation with flexion-extension—protecting the facet complex and resisting shear.2

See the Optimized Core Radius in Motion

An undersized radius allows minimal translation along with flexion-extension of the implant, while an oversized radius allows translation with minimal flexion-extension.2

1 Sears, R., et al., Kinematics of Cervical and Lumbar Total Disc Replacement, Semin Spine Surg, 2006, 18:117-129.
2 Bertagnoli, R., Marnay, T., Mayer, H.M., The PRODISC Book, 2003.

prodisc® CORE

prodisc CORE is the result of years of engineering, biomechanical testing & clinical evaluation—and the ‘core’ behind the durability that has powered the reliable and predictable clinical outcomes of every prodisc device for more than 30 years.

prodisc® CORE Device

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