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Lumbar Total Disc Replacement (LTDR) is not yet universally covered by all health insurance providers for both one and two-levels. While about 90% of the US population has access to insurance covering one-level LTDR, two-level LTDR is still in the process of being adopted by more carriers. Centinel Spine is working to increase coverage of LTDR by providing a multidimensional reimbursement support program to patients and physician practices. For example, our support of practices and providers in Michigan recently led to the establishment of positive coverage by the largest carrier in the state (see press release).

​The prodisc Patient Assistance Line (PAL) works on behalf of patients to petition insurance providers to cover LTDR procedures, (both one and two-levels), case-by-case.

​The Payer Relations team identifies insurers who have reviewed multiple LTDR claims and works with local surgeons to help them effectively advocate for coverage policies with those insurers.

Through this program, we’re making progress. One-by one, insurers are issuing positive LTDR coverage policies. Talk with your LTDR candidates about this unique support service and help keep the momentum going.

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Patient Support Services

Centinel Spine has developed several educational resources for potential prodisc candidates. Offer your potential TDR candidates the opportunity to learn more about prodisc technology, prepare for total disc replacement surgery, or work with Centinel Spine PAL to obtain TDR coverage.

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*Reimbursement is dynamic. Coding, coverage and payment are subject to change. Centinel Spine cannot guarantee reimbursement for any procedure associated with the use of its products. Providers should contact their specific payers if they have questions regarding coding, coverage or payment.

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